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Ingredient Safe?
Acacia Gum Yes
Acesulfame K Yes
Acesulfame Potassium Yes
Acetanisole Yes
Acetophenone Yes
Acorn Quercus Yes
Adipic Acid Yes
Adzuki Bean Yes
Acacia Gum Yes
Agar Yes
Agave Yes
Ajinomoto (msg) Yes
Albumen Yes
Alcohol (Distilled Spirits) Yes
Alfalfa Yes
Algae Yes
Algin Yes
Alginic Acid Yes
Alginate Yes
Alkalized Cocoa Yes
Allicin Yes
Almond Nut Yes
Alpha-amylase Yes
Alpha-lactalbumin Yes
Aluminum Yes
Amaranth Yes
Ambergris Yes
Ammonium Hydroxide Yes
Ammonium Phosphate Yes
Ammonium Sulphate Yes
Amylose Yes
Amylopectin Yes
Annatto Yes
Annatto Color Yes
Apple Cider Vinegar Yes
Arabic Gum Yes
Arrowroot Yes
Artichokes Yes
Artificial Butter Flavor Yes
Artificial Flavoring Yes
Artificial Flavors Yes
Artocarpus Altilis (breadfruit) Yes
Ascorbic Acid Yes
Aspartame (can cause IBS symptoms) Yes
Aspartic Acid Yes
Aspic Yes
Astragalus Gummifer Yes
Atadwe (tigernut) Yes
Avena Sativia (Oats3) Yes
Avena Sativia Extract (from Oats3) Yes
Avidin Yes
Azodicarbonamide Yes
Bajra (pearl millet) Yes
Bajra flour (pearl millet flour) Yes
Baking Soda Yes
Balsamic Vinegar Yes
Barley No
Beeswax Yes
Beans Yes
Bean, Adzuki Yes
Bean, Hyacinth Yes
Bean, Lentil Yes
Bean, Mung Yes
Bean Noodles Yes
Bean Romano (Chickpea) Yes
Bean Tepary Yes
Benzoic acid Yes
Besan (Chickpea) Yes
Beta Glucan (from Oats) Yes
Betaine Yes
Beta Carotene Yes
Bicarbonate of Soda Yes
Biotin Yes
Blue Cheese Yes
Breadfruit (artocarpus altilis) Yes
Brewer's Yeast No
Brown Sugar Yes
Buckwheat Yes
Butter (check additives) Yes
Butylated Hydroxyanisole Yes
Butyl Compounds Yes
Calcium Acetate Yes
Calcium Carbonate Yes
Calcium Caseinate Yes
Calcium Chloride Yes
Calcium Disodium Yes
Calcium Glutamate (E 623) - msg Yes
Calcium Hydroxide Yes
Calcium Lactate Yes
Calcium Laurate Yes
Calcium Pantothenate Yes
Calcium Phosphate Yes
Calcium Propionate Yes
Calcium Silicate Yes
Calcium Sorbate Yes
Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate Yes
Calcium Stearate Yes
Calcium Sulfate Yes
Calrose Yes
Camphor Yes
Cane Sugar Yes
Cane Vinegar Yes
Canola (Rapeseed) Yes
Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil) Yes
Caprylic Acid Yes
Carbonated Water Yes
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Yes
Caramel Color Yes
Caramel Flavoring Yes
Carmine Yes
Carnauba Wax Yes
Carob Bean Yes
Carob Bean Gum Yes
Carob Flour Yes
Carrageenan (E 407) - msg Yes
Carrageenan Chondrus Crispus Yes
Casein Yes
Cassava Yes
Cassava Manihot Esculenta Yes
Castor Oil Yes
Catalase Yes
Cellulose1 Yes
Cellulose Ether Yes
Cellulose Gum Yes
Cereals High Risk
Cetyl Alcohol Yes
Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol Yes
Champagne Vinegar Yes
Channa (Chickpea) Yes
Chana Flour (Chickpea Flour) Yes
Cheeses - (most, but check ingredients) Yes
Chestnuts Yes
Chickpea Yes
Chia Yes
Chlorella Yes
Chocolate Liquor Yes
Choline Chloride Yes
Chromium Citrate Yes
Chufa (tigernut) Yes
Chymosin Yes
Citric Acid Yes
Citrus Red No. 2 Yes
Cochineal Yes
Cocoa Yes
Cocoa Butter Yes
Coconut Yes
Coconut Vinegar Yes
Collagen Yes
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide Yes
Confectioner's Glaze Yes
Copernicia Cerifera Yes
Copper Sulphate Yes
Corn Yes
Corn Gluten Yes
Corn Masa Flour Yes
Corn Meal Yes
Corn Flour Yes
Corn Starch Yes
Corn Sugar Yes
Corn Sugar Vinegar Yes
Corn Syrup Yes
Corn Syrup Solids Yes
Corn Swetener Yes
Corn Vinegar Yes
Corn Zein Yes
Cortisone Yes
Cotton Seed Yes
Cotton Seed Oil Yes
Couscous No
Cowitch Yes
Cowpea Yes
Cream of Tartar Yes
Croscarmellose Sodium Yes
Crospovidone Yes
Curds Yes
Cyanocobalamin Yes
Cyperus esculentus (tigernut) Yes
Cysteine, L Yes
Dal (Lentils) Yes
D-Alpha-tocopherol Yes
Dasheen Flour (Taro) Yes
Dates Yes
D-Calcium Pantothenate Yes
Delactosed Whey Yes
Demineralized Whey Yes
Desamidocollagen Yes
Dextran Yes
Dextrin Yes
Dextrimaltose Yes
Dextrose Yes
Diglycerides Yes
Dioctyl Sodium Yes
Dioctyl Sodium Solfosuccinate Yes
Dipotassium Phosphate Yes
Disodium Guanylate Yes
Disodium Inosinate Yes
Disodium Phosphate Yes
Distilled Alcohols Yes
Distilled Vinegar Yes
Distilled White Vinegar Yes
Docusate Sodium Yes
Durum No
Dutch Processed Cocoa Yes
Earth Almond (tigernut) Yes
EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) Yes
Eggs Yes
Egg Yolks Yes
Einkorn Wheat No
Elastin Yes
Emmer No
Erythritol Yes
Ester Gum Yes
Ethyl Alcohol Yes
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Yes
Ethyl Maltol Yes
Ethyl Vanillin Yes
Expeller Pressed Canola Oil Yes
Farina No
Farro No
FD&C Blue No. 1 Dye Yes
FD&C Blue No. 1 Lake Yes
FD&C Blue No. 2 Dye Yes
FD&C Blue No. 2 Lake Yes
FD&C Green No. 3 Dye Yes
FD&C Green No. 3 Lake Yes
FD&C Red No. 3 Dye Yes
FD&C Red No. 40 Dye Yes
FD&C Red No. 40 Lake Yes
FD&C Yellow No. 5 Dye Yes
FD&C Yellow No. 6 Dye Yes
FD&C Yellow No. 6 Lake Yes
Ferric Orthophosphate Yes
Ferrous Gluconate Yes
Ferrous Fumerate Yes
Ferrous Lactate Yes
Ferrous Sulfate Yes
Fish (fresh) Yes
Flaked Rice Yes
Flax Yes
Flaxseed High Risk
Folacin Yes
Folate Yes
Flavoring Yes
Flavoring Extracts Yes
Flours High Risk
Folic Acid-Folacin Yes
Fonio (millet) Yes
Food Starch Yes
Food Starch Modified Yes
Formaldehyde Yes
Fructose Yes
Fruit (including dried) Yes
Fruit Vinegar Yes
Fumaric Acid Yes
Galactose Yes
Garbanzo Beans Yes
Gelatin Yes
Glucoamylase Yes
Gluconolactone Yes
Glucose Yes
Glucose Syrup Yes
Glutamate (E 620) - msg Yes
Glutamic acid (E 620) - msg Yes
Glutamine (amino acid) Yes
Glutinous Rice Yes
Glutinous Rice Flour Yes
Glycerides Yes
Glycerin Yes
Glycerol Monooleate Yes
Glycol Monosterate Yes
Glycol Yes
Glycolic acid Yes
Graham No
Grains High Risk
Gram flour (chick peas) Yes
Grape Skin Extract Yes
Grits, Corn Yes
Guar Gum Yes
Gum Acacia Yes
Gum Arabic Yes
Gum Base Yes
Gum Tragacanth Yes
Hemp Yes
Hemp Seeds High Risk
Herbs Yes
Herb Vinegar Yes
Hexanedioic Acid Yes
High Fructose Corn Syrup Yes
Hominy Yes
Honey Yes
Hops Yes
Horseradish (Pure) Yes
Hyacinth Bean Yes
Hydrogen Peroxide Yes
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Yes
Hydrolyzed Caseinate Yes
Hydrolyzed Meat Protein Yes
Hydrolyzed Plant Protein Yes
Hydrolyzed Protein Yes
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Yes
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Yes
Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Yes
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Yes
Hypromellose Yes
Illepe Yes
Iodine Yes
Inulin Yes
Invert Sugar Yes
Iron Ammonium Citrate Yes
Isinglass Yes
Isolated Soy Protein Yes
Isomalt Yes
Job's Tears Yes
Jowar (Sorghum) Yes
Kamut No
KAMUT® khorasan wheat No
Karaya Gum Yes
Kasha (roasted buckwheat) Yes
Keratin Yes
K-Carmine Color Yes
K-Gelatin Yes
Koshihikari (rice) Yes
Kudzu Yes
Kudzu Root Starch Yes
Lactalbumin Phosphate Yes
Lactase Yes
Lactic Acid Yes
Lactitol Yes
Lactose Yes
Lactulose Yes
Lanolin Yes
Lard Yes
L-cysteine Yes
Lecithin Yes
Lemon Grass Yes
Lentils Yes
Licorice Yes
Licorice Extract Yes
Lipase Yes
L-leucine Yes
L-lysine Yes
L-methionine Yes
Locust Bean Gum Yes
L-tryptophan Yes
Magnesium Carbonate Yes
Magnesium Glutamate (E 625) Yes
Magnesium Hydroxide Yes
Magnesium Oxide Yes
Magnesium Stearate Yes
Maize Yes
Maize Waxy Yes
Malic Acid Yes
Malt No
Malted Barley Flour No
Malted Milk No
Malt Extract No
Malt Syrup No
Malt Flavoring No
Malt Vinegar No
Maltitol Yes
Maltodextrin (except in pharmaceuticals) Yes
Maltitol Yes
Maltol Yes
Maltose Yes
Manganese Sulfate Yes
Manioc Yes
Masa Yes
Masa Flour Yes
Masa Harina Yes
Meat (fresh) Yes
Medium Chain Triglycerides Yes
Menhaden Oil Yes
Methyl Cellulose2 Yes
Microcrystalline Cellulose Yes
Micro-particulated Egg White Protein Yes
Milk Yes
Milk Protein Isolate Yes
Millet Yes
Milo (Sorghum) Yes
Mineral Oil Yes
Mineral Salts Yes
Mixed Tocopherols Yes
Modified Food Starch Yes
Modified Starch Yes
Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate Yes
Monoammonium Glutamate (E 624) - msg Yes
Monocalcium Phosphate Yes
Monoglycerides Yes
Mono and Diglycerides Yes
Monopotassium Glutamate (E 622) - msg Yes
Monopotassium Phosphate Yes
Monosaccharides Yes
Monosodium Glutamate (E 621) - msg Yes
Monostearates Yes
Mung Bean Yes
Musk Yes
Mustard Flour Yes
Myristic Acid Yes
Natrium Glutamate (msg) Yes
Natural Flavoring Yes
Natural Flavors Yes
Natural Smoke Flavor Yes
Niacin-Niacinamide Yes
Neotame Yes
Niacin Yes
Niacinamide Yes
Nitrates Yes
Nitrous Oxide Yes
Non-fat Milk Yes
Nuts (except wheat, rye & barley) Yes
Nut, Acron Yes
Nut, Almond Yes
Nut Flour Yes
Oats (Gluten Free) Yes
Oils and Fats Yes
Oleic Acid Yes
Oleoresin Yes
Olestra Yes
Oleyl Alcohol/Oil Yes
Orange B Yes
Oryzanol Yes
Palmitic Acid Yes
Pantothenic Acid Yes
Panko Breadcrumbs No
Papain Yes
Paprika Yes
Paraffin Yes
Pasta High Risk
Patially Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil Yes
Patially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil Yes
Peas Yes
Pea - Chick Yes
Pea - Cow Yes
Pea Flour Yes
Pea Starch Yes
Peanuts Yes
Peanut Flour Yes
Pearl Millet Yes
Pectin (E 440) Yes
Pectinase Yes
Peppermint Oil Yes
Peppers Yes
Pepsin Yes
Peru Balsam Yes
Petrolatum Yes
PGPR (Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate) Yes
Phenylalanine Yes
Phosphoric Acid Yes
Phosphoric Glycol Yes
Pigeon Peas Yes
Polenta Yes
Polydextrose Yes
Polyethylene Glycol Yes
Polyglycerol Yes
Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate (PGPR) Yes
Polysorbates Yes
Polysorbate 60 Yes
Polysorbate 80 Yes
Polyvinyl Alcohol Yes
Potassium Benzoate Yes
Potassium Caseinate Yes
Potassium Citrate Yes
Potassium Iodide Yes
Potassium Lactate Yes
Potassium Matabisulphite Yes
Potassium Sorbate Yes
Potatoes Yes
Potato Flour Yes
Potato Starch Yes
Povidone Yes
Prinus Yes
Pristane Yes
Propolis Yes
Propylene Glycol Yes
Propylene Glycol Monosterate Yes
Propyl Gallate Yes
Protease Yes
Pulses High Risk
Psyllium Yes
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Yes
Quinoa Yes
Ragi Yes
Raisin Vinegar Yes
Rape Yes
Recaldent Yes
Reduced Iron Yes
Rennet Yes
Rennet Casein Yes
Resinous Glaze Yes
Reticulin Yes
Riboflavin Yes
Rice Yes
Rice (Enriched) Yes
Rice Flour Yes
Rice Noodles Yes
Rice Starch Yes
Rice Syrup Yes
Rice Vinegar Yes
Ricinoleic Acid Yes
Romano Bean (chickpea) Yes
Rosematta Yes
Rosin Yes
Royal Jelly Yes
Rye No
Saccharin Yes
Saffron Yes
Sago Yes
Sago Palm Yes
Sago Flour Yes
Sago Starch Yes
Saifun (bean threads) Yes
Salt Yes
Seaweed Yes
Seeds (except wheat, rye & barley) Yes
Seed - Sesame Yes
Seed - Sunflower Yes
Semolina No
Shea Yes
Sherry Vinegar Yes
Silicon Dioxide Yes
Simethicone Yes
Smoke Flavoring Yes
Soba (be sure its 100% buckwheat) Yes
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Yes
Sodium Acetate Yes
Sodium Alginate Yes
Sodium Ascorbate Yes
Sodium Benzoate Yes
Sodium Caseinate (msg) Yes
Sodium Citrate Yes
Sodium Erythrobate Yes
Sodium Hexametaphosphate Yes
Sodium Hydrogen Glutamate (msg) Yes
Sodium Lactate Yes
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Yes
Sodium Metabisulphite Yes
Sodium Nitrate Yes
Sodium Phosphate Yes
Sodium Polyphosphate Yes
Sodium Silaco Aluminate Yes
Sodium Stearyl Fumarate Yes
Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate Yes
Sodium Sulphite Yes
Sodium Stannate Yes
Sodium Tripolyphosphate Yes
Sorbic Acid Yes
Sorbitan Monostearate Yes
Sorbitol-Mannitol (can cause IBS symptoms) Yes
Sorghum Yes
Sorghum Flour Yes
Soy Yes
Soybean Yes
Soy Lecithin Yes
Soy Protein Yes
Soy Protein Concentrate Yes
Soy Protein Isolate Yes
Spelt No
Spices (pure) Yes
Spirits (Specific Types) Yes
Spirit Vinegar Yes
Starch (the single word ingredient is, by law, cornstarch) Yes
Starches High Risk
Stearates Yes
Stearamide Yes
Stearamine Yes
Stearic Acid Yes
Stearyl Lactate Yes
Stevia Yes
Subflower Seed Yes
Succotash (corn and beans) Yes
Sucralose Yes
Sucrose Yes
Sulfosuccinate Yes
Sulfites Yes
Sulfur Dioxide Yes
Sweet Chestnut Flour Yes
Tagatose Yes
Tallow Yes
Tapioca Yes
Tapioca Flour Yes
Tapioca Starch Yes
Tara Gum Yes
Taro Yes
Tarro Yes
Tarrow Root Yes
Tartaric Acid Yes
Tartrazine Yes
TBHQ is Tetra or Tributylhydroquinone Yes
Tea Yes
Tea-Tree Oil Yes
Teff Yes
Teff Flour Yes
Tepary Bean Yes
Textured Soy Protein Yes
Textured Vegetable Protein Yes
Thiamin Hydrochloride Yes
Thiamine Mononitrate Yes
Thiamine Hydrochloride Yes
Titanium Dioxide Yes
Tofu (Soy Curd) Yes
Tolu Balsam Yes
Torula Yeast (msg) Yes
Tragacanth Yes
Tragacanth Gum Yes
Triacetin Yes
Tricalcium Phosphate Yes
Tri-Calcium Phosphate Yes
Triticale No
Trypsin Yes
Turmeric (Kurkuma) Yes
Tyrosine Yes
Urad/Urid Beans Yes
Urad/Urid Dal (peas) Vegetables Yes
Urad/Urid flour Yes
Urd Yes
Vinegar (All except Malt) Yes
Vanilla Extract Yes
Vanilla Flavoring Yes
Vanillin Yes
Vetsin (msg) Yes
Vinegars (Specific Types - Except Malt Vinegar) Yes
Vitamin A (retinol) Yes
Vitamin A Palmitate Yes
Vitamin B1 Yes
Vitamin B-12 Yes
Vitamin B2 Yes
Vitamin B6 Yes
Vitamin D Yes
Vitamin E Acetate Yes
Waxy Maize Yes
Wheat No
Wheat Starch No
Wheatberries No
Whey Yes
Whey Protein Yes
Whey Protein Concentrate Yes
Whey Protein Isolate Yes
White Vinegar Yes
Wines Yes
Wine Vinegars (& Balsamic) Yes
Wild Rice Yes
Xanthan Gum Yes
Xylitol Yes
Yam Flour Yes
Yeast (except brewer's yeast) Yes
Yeast Food (msg) Yes
Yeast Nutrient (msg) Yes
Yellow Nutsedge (tigernut) Yes
Yogurt (plain, unflavored) Yes
Yucca Yes
Zinc Oxide Yes
Zinc Proteinate Yes
Zinc Stearate Yes
Zinc Sulfate Yes