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Featured Compositions

Reflections Composition Cover


By Alexander Burdiss
for String Quartet
Performance Time: approx. 9:30
Dedicated to 于倩

Reflections is a work for string quartet that embodies the ambiguity of human memory, and reflections upon those memories. A theme is played, and when it is repeated it isn’t quite how you remembered it. The whole work is also in a rondo form, where the second half of the piece “mirrors” the first half. The “mirror” in the middle of the work is also a reflection of the original theme, but shown in a new harmonic context, showing how a memory can be seen in very different lights depending on how it is framed. Overall, the work tries to capture how ambiguous our memories and thoughts can be, and intrigue the listener with the same kind of wonder that so frequently enthralls the composer.

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Rejuvenation Composition Cover


By Alexander Burdiss
for Trombone Quartet
Performance Time: approx. 3:15
Dedicated to David Vining

Rejuvenation is a short work for trombone quartet that embodies the feelings of accomplishment when someone completes a large task. This refreshing work was written to be one of the last compositions that the composer would perform during his undergraduate music degree. The main theme of this work is influenced by American Patriotic songs and composers, and blossoms into a broad, majestic climax that showcases the tone of four trombonists playing at high volumes. This work is dedicated to the composer’s instructor and mentor, David Vining.

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By The Lake

Premeired May 3, 2024 by the Greenspun Jr. High School Band, Henderson, NV

“By The Lake” is a short programatic work for an advanced middle school band (Grade 2.5). The work is in a rondo form, and heavily features the low brass, playing a leading role in the ensemble. While no one part is exceedingly difficult in this work, the real challenge for a middle school band playing this is the independence of each part. To perform this well, each musician must gain the confidence required to play without the rest of the section, as parts frequently enter and exit alone, and without the rest of their section. This independent playing is a skill that will help musicians throughout their career.


Performed by the NAU Trombone Quartet during COVID-19 Quarantine.