Alexander Burdiss is available to deliver a trombone recital to your band class, or your organization. Please contact for more information.

Innovative Trombone Warm Ups

Personal Statement

I have played the trombone since I was 11, and have been playing solos since I was 15. I have devoted most of my life to learning the craft, and have loved every second of it. When I make music, I want my audiences to be able to connect with the music. I want to make complex musical pieces more accessible to all, and to bring live music back into the world of the common man, because I believe that a lot of modern music has become less about the music, and more about accompanying the lyrics that go with it, or has become so intellectual that if the listener cannot understand what is happening if they are not a musician. It is my aim to try to play music so full of energy, and in a way that will enhance the lives of every audience member I play for.

I believe that being honest in what I do as a musician is the most valuable asset that I can possess. Playing in a way that only I can play makes me stand out from the crowd, and allows me to speak with my true voice. In my past, I have played too many shows where I am concentrated solely on the notes coming out, and I feel I have been unprepared in my earlier shows. The first time I actually felt prepared for a show was for a recital in college. I stepped out onstage with my music memorized (I felt over-prepared at the time) and I just tried to play something the audience would enjoy instead of trying to play all the notes right. By doing so I have found a way to play more expressively, be more true to myself, and ultimately play better than I ever have before.